Three things: move, drink, and breathe

Move Your DNA has been one of my favourite books of last couple of years.  One concept from it that I like to remember when I am internally complaining about having to haul water from the front garden to the back and wishing we had a tap more conveniently located is this:  We are used to thinking about conveniences in terms of time-saving, but they are really movement-saving.  They are things that make it so that you don’t have to move.  (From this interview with Katy Bowman.  Quote comes at 19.55min mark).

Still fighting a persistant strep throat infection, so I’ve been eating (actually, drinking) a lot of soft foods.  I never want to see ice-cream again!  This pumpkin soup made with a red kabocha+a butternut squash has been perfect.

A breathy and breath-taking poem: A Small Needful Fact.


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