Three things: my garden, feminism+knitting, and ladybirds


The only corner of my garden that feels cohesive and thriving right now.  I am very happy with it!  You can see in this picture: three kinds of kale, nasturtium, carex, yarrow, and a few astrantia leaves.  Ooh–and I’ve just noticed some sneaky broad beans hiding in there too!

Have just listened to this great interview with Debbie Stoller on knitting and feminism. …if we went to a family function and I was wearing a dress my mom had made herself, they would say, “oh, that’s such a great dress.  Can you make one for my daughter, too?”  And I would get so insulted on behalf of my mother.  Like, don’t these people realise that took maybe two or three weeks of evenings working to make that dress.  That’s not something you ask someone “make me one of those, too”.  It showed how little value and understanding there was in these kinds of skills that women had developed over centuries.  (Quote comes at 17.19 min mark)

This poem is waking me up out of myself today…


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