Three things: Penny Lane, music, and more music!


We’ve all been sticking our noses into these roses everytime we walk past them this week. I planted this climber, ‘Penny Lane’ (it makes me want to hum too), a few weeks ago and already have a few flowers to enjoy.

Preparing for winter again by thinking of outdoor things we want to do (the suggestion of making boats out of leaves and sailing them down the kerbside rivers has come from my 4 old year old more than once)  and indoor activities when it is too wet and cold to be outside.  For this, we are beginning a soundtrack and, as per the 4 year old’s request, Penny Lane is there, and so is this, and this (what can I say–the kid’s got passion)… suggestions received gratefully!

And this wicked track (with its amazing video) got me through a hard winter once before, and I am hoping it will be there for me again.  Oh Aberdeen winter, you shall not defeat me this time.


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