Three things: Elderberry syrup, soil support, and movement

Making this syrup for battling winter illnesses.  The elderberries in my area don’t seem to ripen at the same time, so instead of freezing them (which I have read can spoil the immune-boosting properties) until there’s enough, I am just making small batches, experimenting with spices as I go.

Soon I will be writing a bit more about soil health in my own garden, but for now, here is an article about how we can (and why we should) support the health of soil when we buy our food.

And I am looking forward to reading this book about the ecology of movement so so sooo much.  Here is a quote from the book that is recited in this conversation with the author, Katy Bowman:  We are currently living in a culture that separates what we define and label as nature. And we seem to be suffering the physical and mental effects of this separation. Yet, because we do not see ourselves as belonging to the animal kingdom, as needing clean water, and air, and food, and movement, just as all other wild animals do, our research begins by framing the symptoms of being in captivity as the problem. We see this in many other captive animals and I describe it in detail in Move Your DNA: cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal ailments, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and many other modern health problems that can be traced to our lack of movement and our lack of movement in nature. The research striving to heal us is informed by a worldview that sees us as essentially separated from the “natural” world; which one could argue, is our problem in the first place.



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