Three things: Dark days, this day, global mourning

In the dark times 
Will there also be singing? 
Yes, there will also be singing.
About the dark times.                               Bertolt Brecht, Motto

A couple of days early, but it seemed right I should get this together today.  On this day in 1989, people of East Germany began to pour out of the Berlin Wall.  Within days, millions had left and the wall came down.  The end of a significant and tragic era punctuated exactly 51 years earlier with Kristallnacht.  And here we are marking another significant and tragic era and it is hard to imagine how we might ever get out of it morally intact.  Are you reading anything to make sense of it all and to figure out how to live well through it all?  A close friend told me this morning she would go to Orwell and HG Wells.  My partner always returns to Bonhoeffer.

Be kind.  Show kindness to strangers.  It may be all we have to get us through.


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