Three things: Floor-sitting, craft as solace, and reading to bridge the gap

Just a quick collection of things I have read or listened to this week while looking after my sick baby:

Anyone who has visited my home knows we don’t have living-room furniture for sitting on.  We have a small flat, so a couch seems like a waste of space that could be used for building towers out of blocks, or assembling expansive an railway line, or playing twister.  But it also means we sit on the floor–to rest, to read, to eat, to write this post.  And it feels good.  Like a free yoga session.  I learned a bit more about the advantages of floor-sitting this week from this podcast.

Beauty is not trivial. Connection is not trivial. It inspires us and lights us up. And when we are alive we can’t help but find hope.  From this lovely blog post.

“My life is small” she says, “and I think books are a way to make your life larger.”  Agreed.  From here.


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