Three things: Warm home, warm hearts, warm hands


‘Tis the season for gratefulness.  I am not so in love with the origins of American Thanksgiving, but I do like the spirit of gratitude that extends from this season and I could certainly always use a little practise in being grateful.  So…

I am so grateful that our flat was insulated this past spring.  In spite of temperatures hovering between 3-10 degrees, we have certainly not had the heat on nearly as much as last year.  And we all just feel warmer without a ghostly draft emanating from the floors and walls.  As home-owners, we managed to get free (!) insulation through an enormous grant given to the city council to make Aberdeen homes warmer.  This is where we found out more about it.  Maybe you might find some useful information here?

I am also thankful for friendships deepening this year, and some new ones beginning.  The older I get, the harder it seems to get to know people.  But all of a sudden I feel like I have turned a corner and the friendship-making in this place has become easier.

And winter.  We have had some gorgeous weather this past week.  The sun is constantly low in the sky and there are pops of colour against a wintery palette.  Beautiful!  It makes me want to either stay outside and relish it some more, or go inside and start creating things out of those colours (like the above painting–a part of a series–I did a few years ago, based on the colours I saw around me in Aberdeen).


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