Three things: Advent, reflux, moccasins


I learned recently that Advent was introduced roughly around the 7th century as a reflective pause before the Christmas season, because people were getting too excited too soon about Christmas.  Hmmm… ring any bells?  This year in September (!) I saw the first signs of Christmas in the shops.  Ergh.  Anyway, we have started to read Watch For The Light and I think it is helping us not to get too ahead of ourselves or anxious about our plans.  I think.

Solidarity to anyone who has had a baby with silent reflux.  Oh boy.  It.  Is.  Hard.  Work.  When it all seems too hard, I think of this article that affirms how I have felt for a lot of the last 8 months.  Dealing with a reflux baby can be soul-destroying. In the windy, gripey world of newborns, it is often misunderstood. In this context it is easy to understand why it can bring families to their knees and why reflux is implicated in child abuse and shaken-baby syndrome cases. Even in the most well-resourced families it can exact a heavy toll. A local mum I met on the reflux grapevine describes how one day, after hour upon hour of crying, she rang her mother in desperation, convinced she was going to hit her baby son. “I just sat in the hall, shaking. I kept asking myself, ‘When is it going to end, why doesn’t anyone understand?’ ” She wondered, when, if ever, she was going to enjoy her baby.

And moccasins.  Everything I wanted to know about moccasins.  I have a dream to make myself a pair.  To wear everywhere, not just around the house like these cosy slippers above (which actually belong to my partner.  Which he does not know I sometimes slip on when he’s not around).


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