A few of my favourite podcasts


I started listening to podcasts a few years back while drafting architectural plans, and now there are special spots in my brain and in my day that embrace this way of learning and connecting.

I should say that these days, I don’t listen to podcasts when I am stressed or overwhelmed, nor when I am going to sleep.  And I don’t listen when I am creating something that requires a depth of thought or being in a complete state of “flow”, and nor do I when I am with my kids (not for any reason of virtue–rather that it makes my brain hurt taking in so much information at once).  In fact, I really only associate these particular activities with podcast listening: cooking tea, knitting, walking (alone), and lying in the dark trying to get a tiny human to sleep.

I find myself wanting to listen more in the winter time–maybe as an interior escape from the cabin fever that comes at this time of year.  So I thought I might share with you some of the podcasts I am always excited to hear a new episode of, in case you might like them too:

Looking at this list, except for the australian Slow Home, I realise these are all North American podcasts.  This makes sense, as the birth of my podcast interest was in the USA, but I wonder if you know of some good UK ones that I might add to my listening menu?


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