Three things: nut cracking, bushcraft, and women


This bag of hazelnuts has really done its work. At the shop it was a musical instrument for the four-year-old. Then a distracting toy at the counter just as the baby decided he’d had enough. Then it became a lovely activity during the baby’s nap time for the non-nappers to do together. Discovery of the year: it really is easier and less painful to crack a lot of nuts with a stone than a purpose-built nutcracker. Finally, we turned the nuts into butter. I’d like to say with a couple of stones that we’d chipped away (with other stones, of course) to the right shape. But actually, we used our food processor. A cracking good time :^)


Just got Out On The Land by Ray Mears and Lars Fält out from the library. Sections on cold injury, for example, are not for late night reading, but there is something very comforting in the fact that through balling up wool for knitting with, I already know how to hank cord. I am not sure how far that will take me in the wilderness…

Would love to have been at a Women’s March last Saturday… especially the one in Washington!  Instead, I have enjoyed seeing the photos around the web.  Love the picture here of badass women placards… and the “So bad, even introverts are here” one too!


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