Three things: turmeric dye, nester, and matrilineal names for babies


Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned receiving a bag of fresh turmeric in our veg box? Well, we used some of it to dye this merino top. It worked fairly well in one patch of the top, but L. decided that he wanted to look like the sun so we re-dyed it with a generous amount of powdered turmeric. He smelt very healthful… until contents of the day got smeared over the top and he returned to smelling like an exuberant child. We’ve washed it once, and it has held up well, I’m pleased to say!

I think we might make one of these soon with all my little pieces of leftover wool–a nester for the birds.

This article–What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Nameis great! Our firstborn has my name while our second has my partner’s (and my sister-in-law and her partner have a similar arrangement). It is not an easy topic to have a conversation about–perhaps because it only comes up in conversation when another person incorrectly assumes that there is one family name for all of us. I see so many of my own reflections and experiences in her thoughtful piece and love where she comes down.


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