Three things: christening gown, chocolate fudge, and fun bucket list




Last month my partner joked that he would make the christening gown for S. if I didn’t want to. His brother, who was staying with us at the time, said, “you know you can’t just put a pillowcase on the baby and call it a christening gown, don’t you?” Sheepishly, I pushed two old pillowcases behind my sewing machine and hoped no one would notice, noting that I would somehow dispose of them discretely should it all go terribly… But I think that in the end they lent themselves pretty well to the christening gown project, don’t you? This book (which I love!) gave me the general pattern idea with the Sunday Best Dress, but I referred to the Toffee Apple top in this book for sizing for my almost 1-year-old. We don’t have a lot of fabric shopping options in this city (just John Lewis–unless you know of some places that I don’t), so I tend to scour charity shops for nice fabrics in garments that I can chop up and turn into things that we’d wear/use. Not so great for adult-sized clothes (unless I go with the Maria von Trapp curtains-for-clothes trick, which I am not above), but great for most other things.

Making this yummy chocolate fudge for morning tea on Sunday. It has been a beloved recipe for a while… but I have recently figured out that 4 of its ingredients are 2/3 of my migraine triggers! Boo hoo.

Man! I love this list of 500 things to do. I must admit, some things I will have to google to even figure out what they are (funicular?), but I will not be stuck for ideas for things to do with the kids at any time of year with this in my back pocket.



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