Three things: chocolate cake, racism, and feminism

Making this cake (with the farmyard decoration from this book… scroll down to number 5) for a birthday party tomorrow–a certain person in my home is turning five tomorrow ! ! ! ! !  (exclamation marks look a little like upside down candles, so it seems only right to exclaim with quintupal volume… yes, I made that phrase up).

Appreciated this podcast this week about how to not (accidentally) raise racist children. I read Vittrup’s research a few years ago in a chapter of Nurture Shock, and it has stuck with me ever since. It has enouraged me to have repeated awkward and un-awkward conversations about race with my eldest, and even helped me figure out what was going on in this children’s book.

And a brilliant, complex, and rich conversation with Jenna Crispin about the problems with feminism… but don’t worry, I am still calling myself a feminist. This interview actually dovetails quite nicely with something I will be posting on Monday.


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