Three things: cake, wild garlic, and undercover architect


Ruth Feb 89


So that was the 5-year-old’s cake.  Just so you know, he didn’t want the rest of the candles to spell out BIRTHDAY, because “that would be more than five”. We had a wee party with a couple of chums, complete with toasting marshmallows over a fire. A few days ago, I came across a picture of my own 5th birthday cake. It too was from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book (as were many birthday cakes of my youth). Mum said she would sweat blood before our birthdays wondering which of the cakes she would have to decorate that year… well, I think she did a fine job on this robot. Much better than my attempt last year at the same one which looked like an unreliable robot dredged up from a tub of paint.

Wild garlic, welcome harbinger of spring, carpeted a part of our walk in the woods the other day. We picked some and took it home for scrambled eggs that night.

I listened to this fantastic podcast last week and nodded my head through most of it. Amelia Lee has some refreshing advice for making sure that your home–the one you live in now, the one you’re about to buy, the one you are envisioning post-renovation–supports your lifestyle (rather than requiring a life-support to keep it maintained) and is environmentally sound too. She suggests that we be design dectectives and examine our own lives and how we move through them–what works about our homes and what doesn’t? Really worth a listen…


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