Go maximal


Here is a quote from Katy Bowman’s recent book, Movement Matters. I had it in mind when I was writing my This is what a feminist looks like post. Obviously it is not about feminism per se, but there is a connection there–my answer to Question 9 directly relates, for example. Movement Matters is about movement ecology. It is richly layered as it describes our culture of movement and sedentarism, how our own movement affects others in the world, and how we can stack more movement into our lives whatever our lives look like right now. I recommend it! (and I will mention that I am not an athletic person and have no interest in sports or going to the gym… does that help? or put you off?)

“Going minimal” in terms of furniture was a simple way to restructure my habitat. But to be clear, “going minimal” isn’t my objective. Quite the opposite: My goal is to go maximal. 

Perspective is everything, and we are often led by what’s visible. And so we call a reduction–in furniture or the stiffness of conventional footwear or the amount of spending we do each month–minimalism. There’s less stuff, or we’ve spent less, so it must be minimalism. There’s less manufacturing needed, less material, less energy. Minimalism.

But what if we framed and named this reduction for what it can yield–in many cases, more movement, more awareness, more nature, more time with family and friends, more time in nature with family and friends. What if we reframed minimalism of stuff to be maximalism of our natural structure–a robust body within a robust community within a less-taxed environment?  p. 140


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