Three things: Camellia, itchy feet, kitchen colours





On a whim I purchased this camellia from the supermarket. Although I appreciate the dahlia-like bloom, I am having slight buyer’s regret, mostly because the colour isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be and this pinky-red isn’t exactly what I am going for in my garden… but let me not get too picky and particular! I think it may have been one of those “nostalgia purchases”; my mum and dad’s garden alongside their driveway used to have a dozen or so red camellias, and they, in turn, always reminded me of my grandma and grandad’s camellias (pink). I am trying to grow edible plants in my garden, or things that have direct value for wild-life, so do you want to know how I justified buying a camellia? I remembered a wonderful afternoon I spent with my grandma painting the backs of camellia leaves with chocolate, peeling them away when the chocolate hardened, to decorate a cake. Oh, nostalgia, my weakness. (As an aside, I have always liked the German word for “nostalgia”, Sehnsucht; literally, “searching for that feeling you’ve had before”. Isn’t that just it?)

It is always this time of year that my feet itch for other places. Preferably southern hemisphere… or at least somewhere a wee bit closer to the equator. I like how Tiny Happy makes even dreich Wellington appear wonderful under a blanket of cloud. I need to apply her attitude to my Aberdeen…

I have always loved lichen green, and when I saw this lichen beside some dogwood I’d collected, I realised I had discovered my new kitchen colours. We have some very 70s kitchen cabinetry and tile work that is a burnt red, and I think I would like to paint the walls this gentle green.


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