Three things: Birthday, broken toe, and nuart festival



Someone in my home turned 1 today! We celebrated by spending an afternoon at the park with a picnic of sausages and homemade beetroot bread. There are so many things that wee S. has bought to our lives that I am grateful for; primarily his joy, playfulness, and energy. We need as much of that in our lives as we can get!

I have a broken toe. Happy Foot Health Awareness Month to me. It turns out my toe has been broken for months. It turns out the NHS no longer x-rays toes because they do not have any recommendations for a broken toe. I guess the assumption is that people are wearing sturdy and supportive footwear that immobilise toes enough that a broken one will heal. It turns out that my love of barefoot walking and minimal footwear (not to mention self-administered foot massages) has not served my broken toe at all well. So I, with help from a smart friend, have learned how to strap and support a broken toe.

Will any of you be going to this great-looking festival next week? It combines four of my favourite things–walking, architecture, art, and community–so I am very excited. When I was at architecture school, we did similar public art events in the city. I loved witnessing people discover their city afresh and even begin to inhabit their bodies differently within the city. And yay! I love this manifesto: Nuart promotes a simple principle: if you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places. Nobody yet knows what you get if you plan your city streets as a dynamic, ever-changing public art museum, but it’s something that Nuart and Aberdeen are soon to be at the forefront of finding out.


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