Three things: Socks, rice salad, and kindness


I started this sock more than a year ago, frogged it (because of a significant mis-counting mistake discovered just before turning the heel) slightly less than a year ago, and recently had the heart to start it again. I like the simplicity of this pattern and if I ever finish this sock, I might just make another to go with it. Sorry it isn’t a great photo–a small child has spent a lot of time chewing on my phone.

For a Seder Meal last night, I was instructed to bring a rice salad. So I made this one and it was delicious. Today I made it again, but, out of rice, I used quinoa instead, and it was even more delicious.

And a poem encouraging kindness. Oh friends, take/ whatever kindness you can find/ and be profligate in its expenditure:  This week I was (irrationally) telling myself that I was a crappy mum while an older woman looked on at my kids making a whole lot of noise in and under a shopping trolley in the veggie aisle at Sainsburys. As I tried to distance myself from the spectacle (whilst maintaining enough proximity to save anyone from an accident), this woman, who I thought had also been sending me telepathic messages of meaness, whispered to me “it’s lovely watching your kids have so much fun.” Thank you, fellow-shopper, for your kindness.


4 thoughts on “Three things: Socks, rice salad, and kindness

  1. bohemianbluebell says:

    I love the story about the supermarket. When i am in the wheelchair i get really aware of people around me. I constantly find myself judging people for judging me even though 99 percent of the time I discover the people are actually very lovely and kind and weren’t judging me at all! I always have to tell myself now to give people the benefit of the doubt and although they may be staring it doesn’t mean they are judging x


  2. slowgrowingblog says:

    Hi Lesley! Yes, I think it is often the things I feel most self-conscious about that I am worried I’m being judged about…. when really most people are too busy just getting on with what they’re doing to even have time be thinking anything about me… and then if they are judging, well, I think it simply says more about them than it does about me. That’s what I tell myself on a good day of clarity!


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