Three things: Shells, turmeric, and time




Recently we were visiting a friend’s place who had a portion of her garden laid with chuckies. Scattered through were beautiful beach treasures collected by previous tenants. So off my family and I went to the beach this week to enlarge our collection of seaglass and shells for our garden. We still have some chuckies for walkways through our garden, and even though a big part of me hates them (mostly because of the way they are used in this city–as blanket landscaping–ergh), I do love to watch the kids who come to ours playing all sorts of imaginary games in them. They are fun to play with and hopefully adding in these little pieces will make it more fun! My favourites are actually the worn down chunks of crockery with blue decoration.

We are receiving turmeric more often in our veggie basket now and I am loving it! Last week, when it was hailing, snowing, and sleeting, we ventured to the library and I found this wonderful cookbook. I have tried half a dozen of her recipes and can’t wait to try more. In the picture above is a turmeric, black pepper, and rose water tea (YUM!), and the jar is a sunshine sauerkraut on the ferment. This has tumeric, black pepper, spring onions, garlic, celeriac, parsnip, and cabbage in it, and I think it is going to be a recipe I return to.

A couple of you noticed that I was absent last week and I appreciate that! My partner was away, and then, as it turned out, both kids got very sick, so it was nice to not have the pressure to write. Sometimes I am not sure exactly what the hell I am doing with this blog, but it is nice to know that sharing the tiny details of my somewhat tiny life is a way to connect to people, family and old friends, as well as new friends and strangers. In the next few months, I may take a week off again. The rhythm of life has gone slightly out of step with my computer habits. My baby’s (wait, when do you start saying “toddler”?) nap schedule slipping outside of my 5-year-old’s nursery window. I don’t like using the computer with my kids around, I don’t like using it in the evening, or early in the morning. Yeah. I know. What am I doing with a blog when I don’t like looking at a computer? I am not sure. Anyway, this season will pass and there will be easier slots of time to be found again.


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