Three things: Trees, slow food, and solitude


L. found a sprouted conker in his sand pit this winter and so we popped it in a cup of soil and now it is big enough for its own pot.  Everytime we turn a corner on a walk he’ll gasp and say, “Mum, look at that beautiful chestnut tree with its droopy ‘hands'”.  And it’s true.  With the city is looking livelier under a blue sky, we are spending a lot of time standing beneath trees looking up to see the sun sparkle through the leaves.  L. is convinced the sparkles are fairies.  We planted our small Christmas tree in a woods nearby our place, and I think our healthy chestnut sapling has a similar future destination.

Very excited for the May Festival next week, especially for the Slow Food events.  Are you Aberdonians going to be at the Taster event on Friday night?  I will also be at Carlo Petrini’s lecture on Saturday.  And saving my pennies to spend on vegetable seedlings at the market.

A poem that knows exactly what I long for right now… just an hour of solitude would be wonderful… even the middles of my nights are not lonesome at the moment.


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