Three things: Azaleas, ecosystems, and Mr Rogers





Azaleas! Azalea azalea azalea season! We visited a local park last week and took in allllllll the colour. On the same Technicolor note… check out that gorgeous radish! I’ve never grown radishes in such a cool climate, and now I think I might actually be developing a taste for them…

This week I have been in more of a “we are all connected to everything” groove than I usually am… and then I discovered it was the birthday of Rachel Carson on May 27th. Spooky. I spent last weekend immersed in the Slow Food movement and it got me all fired up about my composting efforts–soil being the foundation of all our food. Each time I speak with my lovely sister-in-law, I ask wistfully after her compost heap, which I have never met in person, but know that it’d be (perhaps unrequited) love at first sight. I have really struggled with getting my compost going in Aberdeen–a combination of cold weather, not enough time in one garden to have a proper heap going, and not enough room for the amount of time it takes for it to be ready (2-3 years many local gardeners have told me). Well, now I am doubling down and increasing my efforts. A while ago I learned that sourdough starter will encourage the lovely microbes to accelerate the composting, so I have been diluting the leftover starter each time I make bread and pouring it on the heap. I am going to make an effort this season to gather more seaweed and might even raid a friend’s guinea pig hutch for the manure. The best thing is that now my seedlings are off the warming tray, I can use it for rising bread and fermenting things (I don’t have a single warm spot in the flat and the ambient temperature makes for very sloooow food) so I will be better at making bread more regularly and therefore have more starter to pour on the heap. See–everything really is all connected!

Love this timely piece about one of the world’s great heroes, Mr Rogers.  He is not at all from my childhood experience, but I wish he were.


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