Three things: Life curation, yarn, and sweet cicely


20170607_161715Last week was the fourth week in a row that my 1-year-old was ill with one thing or another, and the second that I was. It was partly that and the consequent lack of sleep that made me take a break from blogging. The last few weeks have felt like we are simply surviving and really not doing anything much else… and this has led to thoughts of ‘OMG what will I write about in my blog this week? Such a dull and yet somehow stressful life’. However, when I look back through my photos, I realise that although we have been much slower than usual, we have done some beautiful things that are worth remembering. And when we haven’t done anything, there have still been beautiful moments to appreciate. It feels somewhat disingenuous or misleading to only write of the nice things in my life… but I end up boring even myself if I focus on the difficult or even humdrum things of life. But I realise that this is a choice that moves me closer to the ‘curated life’ kind of blog… and that kind of grosses out the huge part of me that wants to be authentic. It’s not that I am not showing you true things… I am… but there’s a lot you are not seeing, too. But you know this! Anyway, why am I writing about this internal conflict? I guess just to remind myself that a part of why I write this blog is to notice the small and beautiful moments and to be grateful–not because I am good at doing this, but precisely because I am not. (Also, maybe just so that you know that while I have spent a wonderful afternoon in the woods this week, I have spent six others exasperatedly picking up the same bowl of spilled monkey nuts, exasperatedly trying to prevent the 1-year-old from climbing onto the kitchen counter to lap dishwater from the soaking porridge pot, exasperatedly telling the story of Star Wars to the 5-year-old… everything I know about Star Wars I have learned from that 5-year-old. Serioulsy these things happen multiple times a day right now. Much exasperation).

For some reason I like to watch documentaries when I am sick. I will watch any kind of documentary, including the ones I would ordinarily find too depressing. But here’s one that is not depressing in the slightest: Yarn. The playgrounds in our area are being redone (yay!). I would love a big crocheted one like the one in the film!

One day, after a few of being stuck inside because of rain, I just had to get out or I would scream. Of course, it is hard to muster the energy to get out when you are not well (and when the wind is blowing a gale, as it was that day), but we made it down to the woods and it was just what we all needed. We strayed from the path on our return, having to pull ourselves up banks holding onto treeroots and squelching through mud in the trenches. We saw a heron, three cygnets and their parents, a beautiful nest in a hollow in a tree, fairies in the treetops (top pic), and lots of sweet cicely (second pic). We picked the green seed pods and nibbled on them, enjoying their liquorice taste, then took some home to put into a fruit salsa to have with our tea. (Be careful if you go to pick your own–they’re in the same family as hemlock and other not so edible things…)


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