Three things: Witch hazel, zoology building, and Jason Lewis






We have had a week of beautiful winter weather–blue skies and pink cheeks. And the witch hazel in my garden and in the Cruickshank Gardens got me making a list of the plants I am wanting to add to my garden this spring… and then I was told that an Arctic chill is going to be bringing us some cold temperatures and lots of snow in March… so the list remains in my notebook and is not on an order form yet. I love the spidery-ness of witch hazel and their joyful colour when everything else is a bit grey.

One of our regular stops through the year is a local university zoology building (which I am sure I have probably covered before, but doesn’t hurt to say it again). It is host to many taxidermied animals and birds, creatures in jars, erect skeletons, and pinned insects. S. is a hazard, preferring to pinball himself between glass cases and crawl under ropes, so we limit the time from display to display, but there is always long enough to admire the colours, textures, and patterns.

The Move Your DNA podcast has changed formats, and Katy Bowman now interviews others though her movement lens about their work (which, so far, has included human-powered earth-circumnavigation [there’s got to be a better word for that in German], animal tracking, and food foraging). My favourite was her interview with the ‘menschliche Erdunrundunger’ (‘human-powered earth-circumnavigator’). In spite of his amazing accomplishment–that arguably is not over yet–he makes it very clear that he was not/is not an expert in this kind of physical work. That the journey itself would be the training for the journey itself. I like that idea of St Benedict’s, that ‘always we begin again’… that every day there is the possibility of new things, of learning, of growth, and that we need not be experts to begin something, and that we will never fully arrive at perfection. (Actually, it is also reminding me of a mantra that I am telling L.–and myself!–a lot at the moment ‘we can do hard things’). Anyway, his trilogy ‘The Expedition’, looks great, and I think I am going to put the YA adaptation on my birthday wish list.

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